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Hey YOU! The Power of Marketing to Individuals

Marketing has undergone profound changes to keep pace with technological advances. The job of marketers used to be to know how to reach and create a message applicable to a particular group of people.  In the new marketing reality, they have to know how to create a long-term dialogue with individuals, manage the whole process, and measure a return.Where before, marketers specialized in online, television, radio, direct mail, email, advertising, product management, etc., now marketers are increasingly required to know ALL of these things, AND know how to integrate a campaign across multiple channels (add mobile marketing!) to reach their target audiences, which, by the way, are being sliced and diced into smaller segments.

So how are marketers doing?  I reviewed this morning a press release that caught my interest from Alterian Partners in London Customer Engagement Agencies shaking up the Marketing Industry and, from there, their research study 2008 Annual Industry Survey.  A few interesting key findings from their study:

  • Marketers are using multiple applications to run a campaign from creation to execution.
    • 51% are using 3-6 applications
    • 25% are using 7+ applications
    • 13% are using 9 or more applications
  • Less than half (47%) of respondents use analytics, and a quarter of those surveyed cite analyzing results as the hardest part of any campaign.
  • The application most used when running a campaign was Campaign Management (32%) followed by Email Marketing (23%) and Web Content Management (10%).

Alterian’s solution to this problem, according to their materials, is “analytically-led software” to facilitate the entire online and offline customer engagement process:

“The Customer Engagement Cycle is driven by Customer Engagement Personas. These Personas are the captured data and intelligence of an individual customer which constitute the quantifiable, current and future value of that customer, increasing in accuracy and completeness over time through patterns of engagement, predicted future revenues and loyalty.

A typical engagement cycle would include the delivery of a message to a known or unknown recipient, the capture of the recipient’s reaction and analysis of the collected insights into the individual. Treatments and recommendations would then be applied to the next communication based on the learning that has taken place, and any content that is served up to the individual will be optimized and delivered based on metrics such as channel, frequency, probability or location. If the customer is returning to the website, for example, the website itself will be customized to the individual in terms of the messages delivered – based on their location, time of day and the engagement life cycle stage they are at.”

How their product translates into marketing ROI:

  • Integration of the people, processes and applications of marketing.  Start with managing a single channel or use the entire suite of integrated applications.
  • For a website, it will analyze number of visits to the site, keywords used to arrive at the site, navigation preferences, etc., look for site trends at an aggregate level and then tie aggregate web activity back to the individual for a custom website view.
  • Greater management influence based on fuller customer insights, predictability of future campaigns success, and shared risk/reward models.
  • CRM analytics that interact with customer-facing systems: call centers, campaign management systems, and sales force automation tools.
  • Topical analysis automatically delivered to management.
  • Easily handles ad-hoc analyst questions, reducing data preparation costs and need to increase headcount in order to increase client services.
  • Intimate knowledge about the sequence of events to create marketing communication programs.

Although I have not demoed Alterian’s products, they seem worth looking into further as a way to strengthen a company’s relationship marketing program.


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