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ROI in Your Pocket

September 8th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

pocketGood ideas can come in small packages, and Z-CARD out of the UK proves it.   If you want to implement a unique marketing campaign with measurable ROI, you may want to consider one of Z-CARD’s products: the pre-paid scratch card, blister packs, bottle hangers, and mini-brochures that begin the size of a credit card but fold out into a single page (up to 13 panels long x 3 wide).  They can even be custom-shaped to resemble your product.

They give several examples of how their products have been used:

  • Pre-paid scratch cards used to drive traffic to a client’s website.
  • Informing students of an sms competition (using cell phone texting to enter).
  • Mini-brochure folds out to the size of a 40″ TV screen, to visualize how the TV would fit into a person’s home.
  • A pocket-guide to a cholesterol-lowering eating plan.
  • A mini-guide to shopping and experiences about town.

It’s not just about how the marketing tool is designed, but how it is distributed as well.  Z-CARD handles some that too, but it seems from case studies on their website they only provide this service in the UK.  Some of their ideas are worth noting, however, for US marketing:

  • Dispensers or display stands at airport pre-security areas and departure lounges, including exclusive club lounges.
  • Dispensers or display stands at railway concourses.
  • Placed brochures on meal trays during outbound flights.
  • “Tipped” into a mailer and sent out to potential clients, or newspapers.
  • “Tipped” into airline publications.

Ways to track response include: having them enter a unique number off the card on the website to obtain their prize or discount, increase in call volume and online inquiries, and number of attributable orders.

I really like this concept because you can fit a lot of information in a small design, it’s easily portable in a pocket, purse or billfold, it doesn’t take up a lot of room at the distribution site, people like samples of products to try before they buy, and a lot of people are strangely excited by small things.

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