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How To Build a Website Using WordPress and Thesis Theme Part 3

Part three of how to use WordPress and the Thesis Theme to build a website, adding plugins for easy embed of video, a print-friendly page icon, the new Facebook Like button, as well as integrating with Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

Easy Embed of Video in WordPress

I found that managing video in pages and posts a bit of a challenge until I found a plugin called Smart YouTube.  Although it has “YouTube” in the name, it works for all kinds of hosted video.  Download the zip file, extract it into a folder on your hard drive, then upload it into your plug-ins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).  In WordPress, go to Plugins and activate it.

Under Settings in your left column, click on Smart YouTube.  Select “Display videos in posts.”  Make any other adjustments you would like to appearance such as width and height, or leave the defaults, click Save.  All you have to do now is take the link from the YouTube or other hosted video, open the page or post, click on the HTML tab, paste the URL where you want it, then change http:// to httpv:// (notice the ‘v’ character).  That’s it!

Add a Print-Friendly Page Icon

You may want to give people the option to print the screen without sidebars, in which case the WP-Print plugin is for you.  Once again, download, extract, upload and activate the plugin.  Under Settings in your left column, click on Print.  Make any adjustments to the text you want shown, which printer icon you want (they give you two to choose from), click Save.  When you want to add it to a page or post, select the HTML tab and paste [print_link] wherever you want it to show up.  That’s it!

One thing I did see and adjust: when the print page is displayed it has the title, the author, the date, and then some things I didn’t want, like Category.  I opened print-posts.php and on lines 46 and 47 is where it tells what to display.  I removed everything after the author, line 47, so now it looks like this:

Add the New Facebook Like Button

I tried a few different Facebook Like button add-ons and felt this one the best.  Once you activate it in the plugins folder, it creates its own drop-down for settings in your left column.  You then adjust whether you want it on pages, posts or both; before or after content, or both, and other settings for appearance you can play with.

Post Simultaneously to Facebook, Myspace and Twitter

Lastly, a really neat plugin called Status Updater allows you to integrate your Facebook profile or business page, Myspace profile, and Twitter profile.  Once activated, under Settings go to Status Updater.

  • For Facebook, enter your login credentials,  your Facebook page URL in addition to or instead of your personal profile, and select if you want it to update your Status (at top of your page) and/or provide as a link (with title, summary and picture).
  • For Myspace, enter your login credentials and your “mood.”
  • For Twitter, you can change how it displays under “Default status template” (e.g. “New blog post: %POST-TITLE% %POST-URL% #marketingroi).   Enter your link shortener credentials if you want to use that also.

Lastly, be sure to enter your email address under “Log email” or you can’t save.  This is to notify you when something goes out.

  1. Helen
    August 23rd, 2010 at 23:21 | #1

    Hi Rebekah, a lot of very helpful points. Do you know how I would insert an opt-in box on a page, say to the right of some text. I only want a 1 column layout but I want an opt-in box and I need the text to be displayed to the left of the box as if is it wrapped. Are you able to help please?


  2. August 26th, 2010 at 00:43 | #2

    Hi Rebedah, just loved your three instalments, thank you. And Helen’s query was so appropriate, I managed to get an optin box from aweber into the sidebar of my site but it was some time ago and cannot figure out how I did it? A memory would help! Can you send me somewhere or maybe your response to Rebekah will also help me. Thanks again for your posts. cheers, Sharyn
    sharyn´s last blog post ..For Great Relationships – Develop Charisma……

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