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How Having Fun Can Increase Your Marketing ROI

I read an interesting article recently of five takeaways from the 2010 Creativity and Technology Conference.  One of the points in the article I don’t feel was given enough attention, that is, there is “a simple human truth: it’s hard to laugh alone.”

I spoke about the importance of creating positive marketing messages in a prior post about engagement marketing but it bears repeating.  At our core we are social creatures and we are attracted to people, events, products, services, and brands that help us to have fun. The reason that social media is such a huge hit is because it helps us to connect with others so we can share fun.  It’s so simple, yet so profound.  This simple truth creates infinite possibilities to increase your marketing ROI.

First of all, what is “fun?”  Fun isn’t just fun, it’s hope.  Fun can be found in magnifying the things you love in what you do everyday.  It can transform the annoyances you face into positive challenges to help others.  It is fun to see the results of your hard work in your personal growth and in your career.  It is fun to use your success to turn around and help someone else get further in their life.  It is fun to work in a team to pull together to see something accomplished.

Think for a minute about the products or services that you or your company are promoting.  Some of us may be lucky enough to work for a company whose mission is to help people have fun, such as film, gaming or social media.  Others of us have to search a bit harder to determine the fun that we provide to other people.  However, if you take the time to do this exercise it can transform the way you market yourself and your company’s products and services.

I offer, as example, my own situation to explain my thinking. What I promote to the business world is custom market research services on behalf of C.A. Walker Research Solutions.  On face value it doesn’t seem like I’m selling anything particularly fun, but to me it is great fun!

First of all, I find it fun to build relationships either online or in-person and to discover people’s current business objectives.  I am a natural problem-solver.  I enjoy delving into different business worlds to understand perspectives and pain points, so I can determine precisely how we may contribute to others’ success by applying custom research, thus creating more fun in their life.  It’s also fun to think through with people if there is anything we can do together to offer markets a service that is stronger than either of us could separately.

I find it fun to analyze potential markets and figure out fresh ways to make relevant the various types of research that we’ve been doing for more than 30 years.  It is fun to then use that information to prepare marketing messages that appeal to people’s sense of fun; at least to be interesting!  It’s fun to post applicable articles to my LinkedIn groups, which I also may use to explain some of what we do, and to meet new people who seek me out because they appreciate what I’ve shared.

On a personal level, it’s fun to me to represent a company that I firmly believe in.  I’ve worked in a variety of companies over the years, but never before have I worked with such a terrific group of people.  It’s a joy to me to get up each day and go to work to spread the tale of C.A. Walker.  We are in a “sweet spot” in this rough economy as far as our size (25 people), the value that we offer, and our consistent focus on client service.  And to add to my point about the importance of having fun, I work with a bunch of comedians.  We’re all the time joking and kidding with one another, while always making sure all is well with our projects.  I love it!

It’s fun to study what marketing ROI means and how businesses are working to apply it.  It’s fun to build my personal brand, Marketing ROI or DIE!  It’s especially fun to read when people respond to my posts that it’s helped them in some way. It’s fun to use Twitter (@MktgROIorDIE) to spread what I’m learning and to make new connections, such as when I attended the Licensing Expo in Vegas recently.  I met some really great people through the use of the #licexpo hash tag who I look forward to working with!

So whatever it is you do, rediscover your sense of fun in it.  Think through how you are helping others have fun in their lives, and utilize that in your marketing to increase your ROI.  Most importantly, laugh daily and find people to laugh with you.  It’s hard to laugh alone!

  1. June 21st, 2010 at 14:45 | #1

    How auspicious your timing and the topic of your post is… I just wrote in an email that I hate when “life” gets in the way of “fun”. ; ) It was great reading your thoughts on how we can have both in the business setting. I to enjoy working with fun clients. One of my most favorite clients manufactures jukeboxes and it is hard to be unhappy while working on the brand and marketing for such a fun product. Thanks for the reminder to add a bit more fun to the work place.

  2. Jim Matorin
    June 22nd, 2010 at 02:55 | #2

    I totally agree that working on projects across an array of industries is fun.

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