Meet Rebekah

July 18th, 2011

Rebekah Paul, Business Development Professional

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Rebekah Paul has over eighteen years experience in sales and marketing within a variety of industries, including Intellectual Property Development, Market Research, Online and Print Media, Financial Services and Technology Services. She has a strong passion for data-driven business and brand planning.

Rebekah is Owner of Futures Unfolding and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Marketing emphasis, from California State University Northridge.  She serves as a committee member of the Business Marketing Association, Southern California chapter.

When she’s not working, Rebekah spends time with her family, friends and pets, including the newest member of her family, Bella, an “owner-surrender” adopted in April of 2011 from Baldwin Hills Animal Shelter.

Rebekah would like to remind everyone to please adopt, don’t buy!

  • Animal mills are awful places of cruelty and neglect
  • On average, American animal shelters kill 13.5 animals per year per 1,000 human residents
  • Owner-surrendered pets in shelters are killed faster than strays, who get a tiny bit longer just in case someone lost their pet
  • Join Rescue50 – reforming our nation’s animal shelters in all 50 states – to educate yourself and help fight the tragedy happening every single day in our nation’s shelters
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